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Vape Wool Ontgomde hennepvezels

 4.5/5 (28)

    tres utile pour ne pas salir son vapo


    Hi this vape wool is perfect for hash in a vaporizer ----no melting into the machinery , no cleaning after ----and thanks for the goodies with the parcel ( I ordered other stuff as well )


    Bought for Dynavap and Storm vaporiser
    Great! I get a little hash, crumble it up into fine dust, rub it into a little ball of hemp wool, and then pop it in the vaporiser. Not only does it keep things clean, but it also allows the hot air in the vaporiser to circulate around the hash making THC extraction efficient and effective. Very little waste using this method and saves having to clean the vaporisers very often during a session.


    Super Zeug
    Zum Beispiel für den Mighty . Toll für Hash , Wachse und Öle, Jetzt hat man ein Gerät für alles ! Zudem kannste es für die Reinigung des Vaporeiser benutzen.


    Handig voor concentraten in je vape
    Smaak en geurloos product, Erg aangenaam in het gebruik.


    Tut was es soll
    Funktioniert sehr gut nichts dran auszusetzen


    Ottima fibra di canapa per Estratti (Rosin, Hash, Iceolator...)
    Ottima io la uso con il mio vaporizzatore portatile della STORZ & BICKEL "Mighty". Bisogna innanzitutto pulire bene il vapo per evitare "mix" con altri residui di erba o altro. Poi si prende un piccolo pezzettino di fibra e si crea una specie di nido dove all'interno si andrà a posizionare l'estratto che si intende vaporizzare. Settare il vapo ad almeno 210 gradi, per riuscire ad assaporare tutti i terpeni e cannabinoidi del tuo estratto. Buone svapate! ;)


    Good for vaping hash
    Good wool for using in your vaporizer with hash.




    Ideal para vapear Hash
    De muy buena calidad, no añade olor y es la mejor manera que he encontrado para vapear Hash, no se quema a altas temperaturas. 215 grados que es lo maximo que me permite mi vaporizador Mighty de STORZ & BICKEL. Muy satisfecho con el producto. Te permite disfrutar del hash sin dañar tus pulmones y disfrutar el colocon y el sabor de un buen hash. Tienes que hacer un pequeño nido y poner en el centro de las hebras el hash desmenuzado, cerrarlo como si fuese una bolsita y colocar la carga dentro del vaporizador y ponerlos al menos a 210 grados y extraer asi el thc a traves de una placentera inhalacion. Compradlo sin duda, cambiara vuestras vidas y en breve lo preferireis a fumar el hash con tabaco. Saca el maximo partido al hash sin perjudicar tu sistema respiratorio.


    Comprato questa fibra di canapa per vaporizzare resine con lo Storm, ma rimasto molto deluso. Non compratela I bought for vaporize resine with my Storm....DISAPPOINTED....DON’T BUY


    Handy, but - for me - often obsolete.
    Handy, but - for me - mostly obsolete. I figured I would use this to vape hashish in my VapCap, but, I found out its easier to just save up your vaporizer brown leftovers and then use that instead to keep your hashish in place. Fill the bowl with vaped leftover, crumble some hash over it, add some more leftover, top that with more hash, until the chamber if full, then torch it until its orange glowing. Feels more natural to vape your hash and leftovers up to like that, than using this 'wool'.


    Bought for vapcap
    Useful and makes cleaning super simple, also has absolutely no impact on flavour.


    Good quality for smoking hash or cleaning the oven
    Good quality for smoking hash or cleaning the oven


    Pratique mais pas indispensable
    Je l'utilise pour vaporiser des résines dans un vaporisateur Crafty +. Cette fibre de chanvre démucilaginée est pratique mais pas plus efficace que du simple coton.


    Si estas dudando en hacerlo, hazlo. No tiene sabor, no se quema ni vapeandolo a 230 grados en sesiones de 15 minutos. Y me resolvio el problema con las extracciones! Funciona bien con hash y resina que son las que probe!


    Lekker hasj vapen met deze vape wool!
    Ik heb voor het eerst dit product gebruikt in combinatie met de Storm Vaporizer. Het is mij goed bevallen, geen bijsmaak of andere nare bijwerkingen.


    Toda tal cual
    Son muy profesionales


    Werkt perfect
    Gebruik in combinatie met mijn PAX 3 of Vapcap M om te genieten van een lekker stukje hash.


    réduction de bol ou vaporisation de résine, il fait le boulot.
    Je l'utilise pour réduire le bol de mon Extreme Q, et pour vaporiser de la résine ; ça fait le boulot dans les 2 cas. Peut effectivement être utilisé plusieurs fois sans goût de brûlé. Je n'ai pas l'impression que cela amène plus de conduction de chaleur, mais en tout cas cela n'entrave pas l'airflow.


    Works well, what a pity it is bleached
    As I am a lover of natural products, I was disappointed the Vape Wool was bleached. Specially cause the packaging gives the impression its gonna be unbleached stuf.It's not necesary for anything to bleach it so it's a shame; specially for the environment and our health((.


    Works pretty well
    Works quite nicely in my Solo 2. You can use one piece of wool multiple times depending on the product and temperatures you use. Be sure to pack enough around your hash/concentrate so it won't seep out.


    Works but not great.
    It's really dry fibre. In the past I've used soft fibre almost like hair. This stuff is like using hamster bedding. It does the job though just harder to wrap hash in it.


    No problems, works well
    A must have if you want to turn your vapo into a concentrate vapo (your machine has to be able to work at high temperatures). It needs caution in order not your concentrate to melt and run through the wool into your machine. But it works if you try it carefully!

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